Traditional Clay Ovens

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" The Ultimate Outdoor Living and Garden Cooking Must Have "  We can build for you a hand made traditional clay oven, including ; digging foundations, building a brick base, making the oven slab floor using reinforced steel and concrete, oven floor and base insulation layer, cast iron door, building the oven with fire bricks and many layers of insulation using clay and other traditional materials as well as some modern high tec additions for extra performance, heat retention and fuel economy.
" Visually Stunning Focal Point and Feature to Compliment any Garden"  Can create your unique clay oven to compliment your garden theme, whether ultra modern, village style, or colour scheme, even adding interesting features within the design if required.
" Eco Freindly and Educational "   Use any wood ( non treated ) to fuel your oven, Once temperature has been reached, you can hold Pizza Partys, great fun for Adults and children alike, everyone rolls their own base with dough mix and flour, then adds their choice of toppings . Once temperature has dropped a little you can roast your meat dishes such as Lamb Kleftico Or can Bake your own Bread . 
"Cooking in a Traditional Clay Oven" is easy and fun. The flavours created by cooking in this ancient method are without doubt far superior to any modern immitations.  We do not supply immitation concrete kits for you to put together or use electric or gas for cooking.